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Eye Candy SJ Academy

EyeBrows Training

5 techniques in 1 class

Microblading, Micro-shading, Ombre', Powder, Combination Brows, Color Correction

3 Days Hands-on Course

Training Course Total




Reaming Balance

(paid only in cash on first day)




Day 1: 10 AM – 5 PM
Day 2: 10 AM – 5 PM
Day 3: 10 AM – 5 PM

Private Group Training Course (Max 5 STUDENTS)

Our hands-on course training will be a total of 21 hours in the span of three days, guiding you through with elaborate details on how to do eyebrow mapping, identifying the individual skin styles, the different pigmentations, fundamentals of color theory, and will be demonstrated on how to use the manual tools for a variety of techniques.

With our first live model, you will carefully observe RITA work on her, allowing you to watch and record the entire procedure from steps A-Z. Afterwards, you will be able to work with our second live model under RITA’s instructions, supervision, and critique with her professionalism.

Furthermore, we will also go over marketing information and techniques, teach you how to capture the perfect shots and angles of your client for advertisement, give out additional tips, and finally, reward and congratulate you with your permit and certificate of completion.


  1. Before students are able to work on live models, they will receive one on one training to correct any mistakes or clear any misunderstandings for them to feel comfortable enough to work on the models.
  2. ​We offer lifetime support, so students would be able to come back and reattend in any next training courses, contact us at anytime even after their graduation if they have any additional questions, as we are glad to give advice.

Here are the details:

DAY 1: Theory: 10am – 5pm
What will you learned :

  • Microblading & Shading fundamentals
  • All pattens of Microblading & Shading Brows techniques
  • Ombre powder brows techniques
  • Combo Brows techniques
  • Skin Anatomy
  • Color theory and correction brows
  • Hygiene and sanitation
  • Procedure preparation
  • Photograph + photo editing + social media marketing
  • How to become a PMU Artist ( laws and regulations … )
  • And much more…

DAY 2: Hands-on Day: 10am – 5pm

Students will be practicing eyebrow mapping on a flat head mannequin and practice drawing hair strokes on banana skin. After that, students will in practice microblading and shading techniques on latex skin directly with our team guidance. All the instructions will be step by step, from basic to advanced. RITA will be constantly monitoring and checking during these training hours.

DAY 3: Hands-on Day (Live Models) and Completion: 10am – 5pm

Students will be able to observe RITA perform the full procedure from steps A-Z. After that, students can work on their own models under RITA’s supervision.

You will be given PREMIUM Kit including all of the following:

  • Book (1)
  • Pigmentations bottles (6)
  • Black pencil (2)
  • Plastic Brows Ruler (1)
  • Tweezer+scissor (1)
  • U18 Disposal Blades (20)
  • Black Caliper (1)
  • Pieces of Practice Skins (3)
  • Notebook (1)
  • Mannequin Flat Head Practice (1)
  • Pigment Rings (20)
  • Disposable Mascara Brushes (10)
  • Disposable Micro Applicator Brush (10)
  • Pre-ink Microbalding String
  • Eyebrows Razors (5)
  • Razor Blade (1)
  • Wireless pen (1)
  • Needles (20)
  • Tattoo Grip Cover wrap (1)
  • Ointment (10)

We will then hand out your permit, certificate, and have a photoshoot to celebrate your wonderful accomplishment, your first big step to new opportunities.